Papa Rays Pizza Chicago

2551 W. Fullerton Chicago / 4757 N. Sheridan Chicago / 3208 N. Pulaski Rd Chicago /267 W Elk Trail Rd Carol Stream


Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings, offers a true slice of “Chicago” with its specialty pizzas, homemade rib tips and savory Buffalo wings – not to mention its charismatic co-owners, brothers John and George Rayyan. These family-run Neighborhood spots are rapidly becoming a household name with three locations opened in 2010, Located at 2551 W. Fullerton, Logan Square Neighborhood, 3208 N. Pulaski, Avondale Neighborhood and 4757 N. Sheridan, Uptown Neighborhood.

With many hopes to open an additional two locations in 2013 the Brothers John and George Rayyan say that there is a consumer demand for fresh, quality food and that’s what we serve and that’s why our customers keep coming back. We strive to serve the most superior products on the market and work with our vendors to keep our consumers happy with our low prices.


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